Friday, March 13, 2009

My First Auction!

You'd never believe what happened to me!

I've been a fine artist listed at, a freelance jobsite, for quite a while now. Guru is a great way to market yourself to prospective employers. While I don't bid on each project --(why should I sign up for to do a sculpture when I know nothing of sculpting?!) I do submit a quote for projects that interest me -- one in particular.

The project posting was from an employer who needed a unique painting of something related to New Orleans for a charity auction in November 2008. It was the only painting that would be auctioned at the live event. They didn't want any subject matter dealing hurricanes or anything inappropriate. It was perfect for me!

In keeping with the southern theme, my initial bid was for a magnolia painting. To my surprise, I was chosen! Yay!! Although my employer, who I later found out was the ASCP Foundation, liked my magnolia theme, they wanted something based on the Garden District. They supplied me with a few photos of what they were going for and wanted my imagination to run with it. So I ran!

After the project was completed, I was anxious about how everything turned out. How did my painting do at the auction? Did they like it? What were the comments? Did anyone buy it? If so, who? I was later told that the painting, Springtime in New Orleans was "a BIG hit!!" I'm so happy! Stay tuned for what else I'm doing.