Sunday, August 27, 2006

My First Blog Entry!

Hi there. My name is Nichole, and this is my blog. I'm here to tell you a little about myself and my love of painting. I find painting to be relaxing, as well as a way to challenge myself. One of my first endeavors at painting was at the age of five (don't laugh). I remember painting on a white wall of my house. I don't even remember what the painting was supposed to be, but I remember I was having fun! And years later, I still feel that way about every chance I get to paint.

I started taking my painting more seriously in high school in the VTAP (Visually Talented Art Program). My teacher told me to focus on portraiture because she felt that was my area of expertise. I actually didn't want to work with portraits because I felt my paintings didn't accurately portray the subjects. Besides, I couldn't see my grade depending on portraits (hahah). But... I tried it anyway. And here I am. And I love it!

I hope you come back to keep up with my blog. I'll try to add new work on a regular basis. Feel free to click the above image to see a larger version.