Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Disappearing Client!

Whoa!! I missed last month's report! So I'll use January to tell you what been happening lately, and why I must say my goodbyes.

Not goodbye to this blog, faithful readers, but to a painting that's been displayed in my home for almost two years. A client commissioned a landscape in mid-2005, right before Hurricane Katrina hit. I took the in-progress canvas with me when we ran from the storm, just in case. Funny thing is that we ran directly into the storm! But that's another story. The following months post-Katrina were complete chaos! Back at home, along with my family, I was volunteering with a rebuilding program and helping out with the household to even think about painting. Like I said, complete chaos. I hope we don't have to go through that again anytime soon.
When things settled down some, I finally got around to the landscape, and finished it in late 2006. I contacted my client, and emailed a picture of my work. Everything was satisfactory! My client told me she was moving and would pick up her painting soon. That was two years ago! I emailed periodically to remind her of the painting, but never received an answer. She had moved and I didn't even have her forwarding address! Eventually, even the email address stopped working. And so, my lovely landscape has been displayed in my house, and admired for nearly two years.

What surprised me recently is that my client contacted me! I learned that things had been really hectic during those two years. She still wants her landscape and I finally have an address to send it to. My problem now? Soon we'll have a blank space where the painting prominently hung. What to do? What to do?