Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Etsy Challenge

Elle Decor featured an article on Monique Lhuillier's Bel Air home.  Isn't the decor fabulous?  I love it!  This room was also perfect for a painting I recently completed, and also adore.  After all, the rule is use pops of color (or in my case, pattern) in threes.  Don't you think the painting fits right in? 
Although I'm seriously tempted to keep this painting, "Striations" is reluctantly available for all Zebra lovers at Ashton Atelier.    This painting is so gorgeous and detailed!  You can almost pet its fuzzy stripes as it gazes soulfully at you with its chocolate eyes.   I also wanted to see what else the Etsy community could offer.  Could they come close to Ms. Lhuillier's home?  I put together a collection and had an exhibition.  That's right!  My first treasury was an Etsy Challenge:  Luxurious Living!    How do you think they compared?

Etsy came pretty close, along with some extra luxurious items that would look great.  But I also did some window browsing to see if any online stores had slightly more affordable furniture and accessories than the designer names Ms. Lhuillier uses:

  Williams-Sonoma's Presidio Sofa in Luxe Velvet, Pewter is a close match to the A. Rudin sofa. 

 And Crate & Barrel's Clara Chair in Luna are a nice substitute for Liz O'Briens' club chairs.  Feel free to tell me if you find a match and where.