Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Sketches!

I've often been asked if I do other artworks besides paintings. My answer is "Yes". I meet a lot of people who are more interested in sketches than paintings at first. I like to think that they're finding out if the artist's work is up to their standards, and that's understandable since they are the ones who have to live it. More often than not, clients who commission sketches return for paintings if they're pleased and will recommend you to others.

In early May, I was contacted for portrait information for a gift. This potential client wasn't interested in a painting or a gift certificate, but a sketch that included three people. The challenge of it was that the three people were on three separate photos. For each project I take on I use a graphic program to get the overall composition right. I may even change the lighting and flip the direction a subject faces. Sketches are different from my portrait paintings because they aren't as detailed, come only in black and white and my style is unique. As you can see, I leave a portion of the subject undone. My client was really happy with the end result and so was her mom! They're even talking about future projects with their family and friends. I look forward to working with them.