Thursday, December 17, 2009

My 1st Feature!

I'm having a really good time at Etsy. Recently, I've been actively promoting Ashton Atelier within the Etsy community, and I've had a lot of visitors and positive comments. So far, my shop has generated 26 hearts! I must be doing something right.

The best part came this week. I was featured in a "Color of the Week" blog article by Charan Sachar, aka "Creativewithclay". Each week, she chooses a color and posts items from various Etsy shops that fit the criteria, and encourages readers to visit. Her blog has over 900 (and growing) readers each week, and with each visiting a featured shop...well, lets just say that being featured is a huge deal for shop owners, so I was so excited to be included. My painting, "Inferno", was in this week's group. This week's color feature? Magenta! Here's a few comments about it:

What a great selection, Magenta is such a vibrant color !! I love the Inferno painting, it's so intense !!
-- goodhartshoes

What a gorgeous array of items! Love the glasswork inspired painting - just magnificent!
-- Tapestry Design Studio

While all are lovely, AshtonAtelier's painting is, hands down, my favorite! -- knitsburgh