Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Nephew, 1st Grader-to-Be!

I have personally participated in three graduation ceremonies. The first was my graduation from kindergarten. It was held in the auditorium of Leon Godchaux Grammer, and had a graduating class of....well, I can't remember that much detail. I was five! What I do remember was that I had to recite a speech, which I did perfectly, thank you, and that I was wearing a beautiful white dress that my mom had made. I still have some pictures. Kindergarten was awesome!

Now my nephew is graduating from kindergarten! I'm so excited for him and his parents! Will he have the little diamond hat with tassels? Does he have to dress up? Will he have a speech too?! I hope his parents take plenty of pictures. I can picture it now, all the little gradu-- Ok..this just in...
"No graduation ceremony is to be
held for the kindergarten class of 2008."
Oh. Nevermind.

Malakai is a total boy. His favorite color is red; he loves cars, sports, video games and more. This kid is active! I captured all of that information and attitude, and put it on a canvas. Yes, his love of cars too. As you can see below, I included one of Kai's favorite cartoon characters, (seriously, that movie is on all the time!) Lightening McQueen. The car he's "playing with" is a Ford GT40, and is what inspired Pixar's profile of the animated character. I also chose that model to portray a deeper meaning: the fact that he's growing up. Congratulations Malakai!! We're proud of you!