Friday, October 7, 2011

My Locale

I've been wanting to focus on my local area here in South Louisiana more and have been doing a little research on my best approach.  One thing this state (and others) loves is pets!  There's a Pet Fest (coming November 13th), Dog Day Afternoon, featuring "The Gatsby Strut", and other events all about our four-legged friends.  How could I possibly fit in?  By painting pet portraits!

Pet portraits are fairly new to my portfolio, but I love painting them!  The painting below is Zach, a West Highland Terrier.  My client's mother had a love for french things, and what better way to feature Zach than on a Louis Vuitton suitcase.  It was perfect!  Here's what my client had to say:

"Hey  Nichole - It looks fantastic!  I love the details on the suitcase. It all looks so great."
The next thing to do is to find the pet lovers!  Have any ideas of where they are?  Feel free to post your comments.