Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My Golden Opportunity!

I was honored to paint this particular couple's portrait. They were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, the golden anniversary, and were giving a formal party to celebrate the event. Although guests were asked not to bring gifts, my clients said they they had known the golden couple longer than the 50 years they'd been married and wanted to do something special for them. I later found out that the festivities were...paused...for the presentation of the 16x20 painting. Talk about a memorable gift!

As usual, a photograph was provided for me to work from. It was a somewhat of a challenge because I hadn't painted a two-subject portrait in some time. I was very pleased with the final results, and so were my clients. Please feel free to click the image for a more detailed viewing.

I received a note from the subjects of this portrait. Here's what was said:

Dear Nichole,

We haven't words to express how we feel about your portrait of us. Impressive indeed! We thank you for the love you put into it. It shows!