Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Italian Room With a View: Part One


La mia Stanza Italiana con una Vista: Parte Una

Hey, when in Rome...Along with portraiture, my services include paintings of botanicals, landscapes and murals. I recently talked with someone who was interested in the latter. My potential client wanted a peaceful retreat in her master bath. An Italian retreat to be specific. She already owned a painting that I could use to get an idea of just what she was going for.

We talked about a mural that covered two walls, but when seeing the actual working area, it was decided that a 3-wall view would be best. Better and better! The bathroom had 9' walls, two white doors I couldn't paint over, and an overall bay window shape. This Italian view, when completed, would face the sunken tub. Talk about relaxing! The walls and fixtures were neutral, so it would be easy to start the process. I took measurements and several pictures of the space, and gave my client several scenic options. Below, you'll see what I had to work with.