Friday, January 26, 2007

My Third Attempt

When I was a little girl, my friends from Sesame Street taught me how to paint a flower. My first attempt was a simple daisy. I was so pleased that I printed one on almost every piece of paper handed to me. I loved flowers. From there I turned to another PBS program: Bob Ross. He was going to teach me how to paint roses, my second attempt at flowers. Well, my roses looked nothing like his, and I concluded that he was no Elmo! I hated flowers and wanted nothing to do with them or Bob Ross EVER!

I am called, what people term, a temperamental artist. I looked that up to see if that was true and here's what I found: “Excessively sensitive or irritable; moody. Given to changeable emotional states, especially of anger or gloom.” What?!? That’s not me! In fact, I’m the exact opposite! Easygoing, laid-back, happy and peaceful. I go with the flow! Temperamental? HA!!

*Ahem* Getting back to the original discussion, I had said I wanted nothing to do with flowers, and I carried out that statement. Imagine my surprise when I get a commission to do a floral. A huge bouquet of magnolias. Was I up to the challenge? You bet! I tried the graph method since the canvas I was working on was large. This was my third attempt at flowers and I wanted the proportion, color and overall design to be just right. There were slight mishaps along the way. If I was irritable or moody, it was directed toward the painting and it worked to my client’s benefit. I won’t deliver a product until I’m satisfied. Needless to say, the “Magnolias” were beautiful. I love flowers!