Friday, May 25, 2007

My Adventures in Advertising: Part II

Well, faithful readers, I couldn't let one person's rejection stop me. That same week, I thought about the type of people who could be interested in owning something as unique as a portrait: parents, couples, professionals...brides. There are websites designed to help the wedding party find whatever items or services needed to make their event an unforgettable occasion. They list everything from Beauty & Spas to Wedding Supplies. These websites are extremely convenient, and go a long way in helping a bride get more ideas for her special day.

Louisiana is no exception. is a website that caters to the brides of New Orleans. The site started because one New Orleans bride understood how stressful it was gathering all the vendor information and other details together, and so a little organization was needed. It now has a comprehensive and rapidly growing list of local vendors that make a bride's dream day come true. It also has a forum feature so that prospective or former brides can exchange ideas or ask questions.

The site administrator has generously agreed that I could be listed with the vendors! But would a bridal couple be interested in my services? I'll have to wait and see. The picture above was an engagement gift to a bride-to-be. "Admiring and Adoring" is a reproduction of John William Godward's "Youth and Time", circa 1901. Personally, I would love to have my and my fiance's portrait displayed at say--the reception. In the meantime, my portfolio has to be updated specifically for this category. My best friend has graciously agreed to model for a bridal pose. Her photo shoot is scheduled at a future date, but the finished product will be amazing. If you're engaged, a newlywed or have a special occasion coming up, feel free to contact me about your free portrait consultation today.