Friday, February 29, 2008

My Sunrise and Sunset

My family had already decided that I was to start a new painting to replace another. The subject of the future piece didn't matter; it just had to incorporate the colors and blend with the theme of the room. I decided to do another landscape.

I bought a 30x40 canvas for this painting. I was so excited--this was the largest stretched canvas to date. Not counting the murals. The living room, where the landscape would be displayed, was getting a complete makeover. Once the painting was completed, the work on the room would commence. My painting was to be the inspiration to get the job done. I got home and saw that my precious canvas had a hole in it!! A one inch hole!! Well the entire project became pointless and stupid. My life was over, so who cared about the living room?!

After about an hour's worth of dark thoughts, I had an epiphany: museums hired artists to restore paintings all the time. Priceless pieces with real rips, tears and holes that needed major surgery. Maybe I could repair my canvas too. I looked up some information, and though I didn't find anything on ripped blank canvases, I did find information for tears in paintings. Its the same concept, so formula for that should work, right? After all, it couldn't get any worse. So I read the instructions, tinkered with some chemistry, and voila! It worked! For 20 seconds. Stupid "specialists".

A closer examination and a gingerly poke revealed that the tear didn't pucker as badly as before. I took some gesso, and sealed the seam. I let it sit for 24 hrs, and then attacked it with my blow-dryer which I set on cool. I then started, and completed my painting, of which I tried a new technique: knifing! More about that later. Until then, tell me...can you see the hole?